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DSLR Cameras

People ask me all the time…

I’m looking to upgrade my camera, what should I get?
I would defiantly have my sites set on, and plan to upgrade to a Full Frame, the Canon EOS 6D!
Here is my Amazon {Affiliate Link} with the exact camera body you should strongly consider if your upgrading from a Rebel or a camera of that level. Great camera for low light situations, and what I would consider a semi pro option for the advanced hobbyist. http://amzn.to/2hK2kKS

 Seal the deal with the 50mm lens that will have you going crazy over your images.  Find it here http://www.rachaelnevaphoto.com/camera-lenses/

Every girl needs a great camera strap that fits comfortably and is stylish!  The “Elliott Strap”  is both of those things and more.  I have been shooting with this strap for the past few months and have a noticeable difference in how my shoulder and neck feel after a day on the job.

Shop studioelliott.com  with coupon code: NEVA20 at the checkout.

http://amzn.to/2E5QfxcSay hello to my little friend!!  This camera is the perfect jump from… Hey there, I know nothing about cameras, to I feel like I really can capture beautiful images right out of the box.  My first “real camera” was a canon Rebel T3 and I learned and grew so much confidence on that thing!  In fact, I still have one of the two I started with, and my teens are learning on it now.

Gone are the days when only the top in the field, and the well seasoned photographers can afford the software that can turn an everyday shot into an amazing work of art.   Myself and many other photographers use these programs on this very program.  The advantage to something like this is that you get all the updates, as well as the latest tools within the Adobe software.  You’ll find them here http://amzn.to/2C2VYOq

I shoot very little with a flash, but like having the option to use it on shoots where the light is a challenge.  I purchased this flash a few years ago, and have had not issues with its performance, and it is a 4th the price of its competitors.  Get it Here

This ring light is a great option for those who are doing a lot of portraits, selfies, videos, or lots of product shots.  Click here 

The purchase of one of these items may buy me a coffee, but is no additional cost to you 🙂