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Personal Brand Photography vs. Traditional Head-Shots


Although this is a relatively new term for a long time market, this process is completely different than the traditional way of photographing Entrepreneurs & Influencers . The problem with traditional professional photos, commercial photography, head-shots is that although there is a time where a portrait is beneficial, it is not authentic.  In a recent interview with leading Entrepreneurs they expressed words like fake, staged, overly posed, unrealistic, and they were tired of the poses where people have a fixed smile & crossed arms… things they would never do and did not show the heart of their brands at all.


Your Personal Brand is your Reputation, it has always MATTERED.  – Gary Vee

Media ready pictures that tell your story


Time is your most valuable asset

My guess is that you are AMAZING at what you do,  you’ve been hustling, you have a service or product that sells itself right???…..  Well, yes but how many did you sell before you put a face to that product or service?  How have your images set you apart from similar products/services in your Niche?  If your killing it… YESSS!!  You may already know what this next bit is about so skip ahead to what my services offer.  If not,… if you are struggling in your imagery, people don’t know who they are buying from,  or they don’t know how you and your products/services can help serve them better than anyone else on the market.  Then My friend,  we have some work to do!  Your struggling to keep up on your media platforms, and you dread having to come up with what to post, your audience will sense that in your marketing.  It will feel stiff and unrelatable.  We are living in an emotion driven market.  Consumers buy from people they know, like, and trust.  I will help you do that very thing by telling your story, your purpose, your lifestyle in such a relatable way.  This is the first step in finding your kind of people…. your ideal customers.  They want to know if you are their ideal product or service they can trust.  My job is to help you get on the right track and free you up to focus on the aspects of your business that you are really good at.   My process saves you time in the long run, and eliminates the task of adding photographer to your resume.


Your Story


Who you are

What about you will resonate with your ideal client?  Your drive for success,  your passion for your clients, your home life, how you built your business from square one…. whatever those stories are, we need to tell them in an authentic and real way.

Your own style

Just like your industry is not a one size fits all, your branding images aren’t either.  We will work together to find a perfect balance of setting you apart, and showing what is at the heart of your business.  Your imagery should be a reflection of who you are as an individual, entrepreneur, and influencer… not as a perfect and unrelatable product.  Past approaches have tried to achieve that perfect and professional look, but consumers relate better to the real and authentic over the posed and perfect.  We will bring the perfect balance to your images.

Our Approach

We have a process set up to achieve the path of success you are looking for.  No more “Headshots”… We will discuss in detail what your needs are, and where you will need to use the images.  We will set your stories accordingly, build a story board, and shoot with the final use of the images in mind.  Your priority is mine, and I  know that this investment is going to be one you will want to not take lightly.  My mission in this is to get you images, updated on a quarterly  basis that you can use to market your business and your brand with excellence.

What you can expect from me

I have photographed everything from Modern Glam-Weddings, Births-Families, and Product Photography-Commercial Print Photography.

Having the experience of capturing all these types of photography has giving me the perfect blend of shooting with intention, an eye for capturing authentic emotion, and a great deal of experience in the story telling aspect of this  Personal Branding Niche of photography.

My services include the following

  • Free Pre-Consultation
  • A client Questionnaire so we are sure to capture exactly what your looking for
  • Location Scouting
  • Shoot Prep Meeting either in person or web
  • 1-2 Business Days for image review, on location if possible
  • Full commercial licensing on the images
  • Full Resolution & Web Files
  • 7 Business Days for Image Delivery
  • Quarterly Updates to keep you seasonally relevant
  • I am only taking 10 main clients a year, giving you priority
  • Traveling quotes available
  •  Social Media recommendations ( how & when to post)

Personal Branding Packages start at $8,000 USD per year

Email:   ~ Phone: 701.557.3866


Our Fantastic Clients


Renita Brannan Health/Fitness Influencer
Mary K.  Lapp Interior Designer/Stager
Nicole Elliott  Photographer/Online Educator
Rachael Neva Photographer/Mommy Blogger

Lets Tell Your Story TOGETHER


Email:   ~ Phone: 701.557.3866